Davrin Khel



Davrin has long brown hair braided not to disturb him in battle. A scarlet tunic, held together with a leather belt, covers a mail armour, lower part of face covered with a scarlet scarf. Battle gloves. Heavy boots on his feet. On his back he carries his two-handed sword and a bow.
24 years old. 182 cm, 85 kg


Davrin is the son of an armourer in Ereworn, a war-torn kingdom filled with battles, sorcery and the worship of the Old Gods. His mother died while giving birth to him and not able to live with the cause of her death, his father left it to Davrin’s uncle to raise him. His uncle, a proud warrior dreaming of a kingdom of peace yet to come to come taught him to use the sword and as well how to cast empowering spells. When his uncle died in battle Davrin became weary of the wars that seemed to be eternal and without meaning and left Ereworn, travelling southeast to find his fortune elsewhere. He had heard stories of those countries in the south, as of their strange faith blessing its followers, offering salvation. Learning their languages, modern and arcane, he widened his mind, grasping a peaceful future that might be within his reach. At least, he thought, while travelling southwards, he would learn something of the deeper mysteries of life, like love and friendship, and hopefully fill his pouch with more coins…

Davrin Khel

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