Jarold Sailarm


Hair is beginning to thin at temples due to pattern baldness. A beard of fair hair is broken in patches due to a small amount of old facial pox scarring. Simple tattoos on both arms consist of blue knotted bands. He wears a simple loose brown tunic and baggy leggings under his armour.


Born to a poor dockside family in White Cliffs, Jarold worked as a dockhand. The work was long and hard, and he grew strong, but in his teens a terrible and deadly pox struck the docks at White Cliffs. He tried to flee north with his family, but in the chaos he became lost and injured… and contracted the fever. Luckily for Jarold, he survived his illness, but never saw his family again.

Alone at a time of danger, Jarold learned to fight for his life as a Barbarian warrior. In the years since, he has served variously as guard, messenger and peacekeeper. He recently foiled a dockside attempt on a sailor’s life, for which he was rewarded with freedom.

Jarold Sailarm

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