The True Faith, they call it. I wonder why sometimes. Why do they feel the need to make that claim in that way? I have no doubts that the saviour died for us and was a great and good man as well as being the Son of God. I’m no heretic and I’m no fool either to dedicate my life to something I don’t believe in. The Church teaches me that and I’ll believe it’s true and teach its true. But I think there’s truth in the Old ways too.
- Father Mantor Codburn, of St Hildebrands, White Cliffs

White Cliff? A free port? Do not get your hopes up about that, my worthy gentleman. White Cliff is mine, and will remain mine. Perhaps I cannot stop you petitioning the King – but I am certain he will listen to me, more than he will listen to you. Now come, why have this conflict? I tax you at the lowest rate I can, and I will confess that I need you to think well of me. I do not want a conflict with the good burghers of this town and will listen to your reasonable requests – but you must understand that I will decide what is reasonable.
- My Lady Carmella, Baroness of Breylak

Treason is when you speak against a King. Lady Carmella is not a King. Not even a Queen. She’s not even a Baron, but a Baroness. And Barons have been brought to terms before.
- The man known as Lupus

The Stag! The Stag! Fight for the Stag! Fight for Albion!

Dark Deeds at White Cliffs

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