Adriaan the Unbaked



Thin, lithe and adept at moving quickly and quietly on his feet. Handsome young man always attracting admiring glances from the young woman, but not yet wise in the ways of women. Tends to dress in non-descript everyday clothing that would enable him to almost fade into the crowd.


Born of Menial townsfolk in Hardwick, Adriaan grew up on the streets, even though his hard working parents did their best to feed and clothe him. Growing up was hard, and Adriaan did his best, especially when he found he was able to shimmy up the sides of buildings. He was often used by the local Crooked Rooks to slide into buildings through open upper storey windows and unlock the doors for the thieves to enter.

Of course, now he is too big to squeeze in those narrow windows, but he is still adept at climbing to the upper stories of buildings, especially if it to escape some trouble.

Still rather immature, he has earned the nickname “the Unbaked”.

Adriaan the Unbaked

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