An imposing looking man with surprisingly gentle features Maelgwn has fiery red hair and his neatly shaved head has grown out into a rather tangled mess of beard and a mane of hair.
He travels bundled in a thick woollen cloak over a quilted doublet worn more for warmth than effectiveness.
190cm tall
102 kg
Looks slightly underfed for a man of his size.
Green eyes.


Little is known for certain about Maelgwn his date of birth is unknown but he seems to be in his mid-twenties. He says he is one of the sons of Gildas, a powerful landowner in northern Cornumbria who lost his lands and sought safety with relatives in Breylak. As a younger son he had few prospects though his physical gifts meant his father pushed him toward a martial career; and indeed he often won bouts against his brothers but had little heart for violence.

He was always rather happier among growing things or perusing the few manuscripts in his familys keeping.

As a teenager Maelgwn formed a close friendship with Cybi, a mendicant priest from Darbon. Cybi established himself in Breylak within a ruined Selentine fort on the hilltop known as Holyhead.

Maelgwns close friendship was destroyed when his father discovered the two men at the ruined fort and struck Cybi a deadly blow.

An Ecclesiastical court was convened and as reparation Maelgwn was given to the Monastery of St Ashanax as an acolyte. Bereft , Maelgwn did not resist.
Originally counted among the unlettered he worked in the garden and forge before his potential was noted and he was asked to work as a translator on the Life of St Ashanax. Life was good for many years but he fell to temptation again and he was asked to leave the Monastery when discovered in anothers chambers after curfew.

He now travels as a mendicant like his dear friend Cybi, unsure of his next moveā€¦.


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